On Friday evening, November 1st,  5 p.m. to 8 p.m  and Saturday, November 2nd,  10 a.m. to 3 p.m the Joplin Regional Artists Coalition is having a Studio Tour.  This is a free event.

We will be selling signature cards.  You may purchase them for $10. You will get  one entry for 10 signatures, two entries for 20 signatures and three entries for all! We will be selling them online here.  Click here to view some of the items up for Raffle.

Below is the list of Participating  Artists and their biographies.  

Artists Medium Biography
Ballard, Jane Photography As a photographer who rarely travels far from home, Jane Ballard focuses on the world around her.  She strives to capture the enchantment in the ordinary and the charm in the commonplace.  Ballard’s photographs capture a specific moment in time that only she experienced.  Her images are from her perspective and she thoroughly enjoys sharing that experience with all who wish to see.
Billings, Brooks-Elizabeth Fabric Painting Brooks-Elizabeth Billings’ current body of work consists of bright, colorful pieces that are inspired by music’s jazz culture.  She works in fibers, paint, photography, and ink. Billings is also active in the local schools as an art educator and is currently working towards her K-12 Art Educator Certification.
Brackin, Brad Oil Painting Brad Brackin is a figurative painter on a large scale. His portraits are full of vivid color and  show the unique expressions of his subjects living their daily lives.
Brame, Angel Ceramics Angel Brame is a functional potter with regular glimpses of a sculptor.  While most works are usable in every day life, others stray far from function and expose Brame’s love of whimsy and humor.  Clay is her way of thinking outside of the box and outside of her comfort zone while having some fun playing in the mud.
Chamberlain, Marian Pastels, Printmaking, Wood Turning Marian Chamberlain feels the need to capture life in her work.  She enjoys working with many different mediums, but focuses on printmaking, pastels, and woodturning.  This allows Chamberlain to combine painting, drawing, and an involved artistic and technical process to her work.
Claiborne, Daria Ceramics Daria Claiborne is an award winning clay artist, showing on local, national, and international levels, as well as teaching beginner workshops.  Claiborne’s favorite surface decoration method is mishima and loves to combine multiple glazes to finish her functional work.
Cogbill, Cyndi Polymer Clay Cyndi Cogdbill is an artist and naturalist.  She uses a variety of media from polymer clay to acrylic paint.  Cogbill loves to share art and nature with others.
Datum, Mary Oil Painting Mary Datum paints in a realistic impressionistic style and prefers to work in oils.  Datum loves the play of light and shadows as well as bright clean colors.  She especially loves painting animals and putting life into the eyes.  Whenever possible, Datum paints from life.
Davis, April Oil Painting April Davis is an award winning artist and is inspired by the world around her.  Davis uses brushes and oil paints to bring nature to canvas. She captures the moment a butterfly lands on a flower or a bird whistles on a branch with vibrant color and impeccable detail.
Dedrickson, Barb Pine Needle Creations and Decorative Gourds From her earliest memory, Barb Dedrickson has had a yearning to create.  She loves the process, from the idea to the finished creation.  Dedrickson is primarily a fiber artist working with pine needles, though uses a variety of coloring media and prefers to embellish pieces with materials provided by nature.  Additional works are decorating gourds with wood burning, paint and carving.
Doerr, Steve Wood Turning Steve Doerr is a full time, self-taught wood turner.  He has always loved discovering the beautiful grain and colors that God has hidden underneath the bark of a tree.
Doerr, Valerie Wood Turning Only recently discovering a love of wood turning, Valerie Doerr has developed her skills by learning the basics from her husband and taking classes from nationally recognized wood turners.
Girard, Kristin Jewelry Kristin Girard creates quirky jewelry using a wide variety of processes and materials ranging from ceramics, resin, copper electroforming, found objects, and more.  Her jewelry combines the ordinary and unexpected to make unique pieces as an example of what can happen when science and art collide.
Golubski, Becky Pastels, Oils, and Acrylic Painting Becky Golubski works in soft pastels, oil and acrylic paints. Her approach is working in layers from thin to thick to build up interesting texture by way of pushing, pulling, or dragging the medium with brushes, palette knives, and her fingers.  Golubski is known for her pet portraits but is also inspired by her travels.  Beach elements, vintage trucks, and female figures seem to find their way on to her canvas, described by lush, vibrant colors.
Hayes, Brenda Handwoven Fibers Reuse, reduce, and recycle are Brenda Hayes’ three R’s.  She takes old and new parts to make one-of-a-kind, up-cycled clothing.  She has spent most of her adult life creating.  Weaving, quilting, painting, jewelry, and mixed media are a few of the arts Hayes experiments in.  She loves color and texture and hopes to remain fearless in trying new things.
Huke, Kristin Oil Painting Kristin Huke received a degree in Graphic Design, however her long term goal was to become a fine artist and learn techniques in oil painting. In 2008 she began her studying oils under plein air artist, Barbara Wood Courtney. Always aware of patterns and designs in nature and her surroundings, she attempts to capture small moments that are sometimes overlooked in this busy world we live in.
Jones, Tom Watercolor Tom Jones has been creating art for more than 30 years.  His work ranges in subject matter and often in medium as well.  He enjoys working with images of animals, particularly octopus and bison.  Jones also enjoys incorporating whimsy in his series of snowman paintings.
Knowles, Melody Ceramics As an art teacher in the public schools for 30 years, Melody Knowles has worked with every medium.  For the last eight years, her artistic passion has turned to a love of clay.  She is predominately a hand builder with an emphasis on surface design.
Kunze, Helen Oil Painting Helen Kunze started her art career with a BFA in illustration and design.  Kunze worked  as a designer for Hallmark and a freelance illustrator.  With a strong sense of design and color, Kunze took her art outside and began her journey as a plein air oil painter.  She loves being able to get color down on the canvas quickly and enjoys the loose quality she has found in the medium.
Miller, Connie Acrylic Painting Connie Miller is a Modern Expressionist painter.  Miller paints people, animals, and flowers in large, flat areas of color that contrast and enhance her subject matter.  Her goal is to provide vivid color that draws you in, surprises your senses, and encourages you to feel emotions.
Miller, Dianne Kiln-formed Glass Dianne Miller imagines the possibilities of transforming a flat piece of art glass in to a 3-D shape using the heating process in a glass kiln.  Miller enjoys bringing out the personality of the glass through the color selection, the designing, the cutting, and the firing process.  She loves creating the dramatic fused glass vase that can serve as a focal point on any table.
Miller, Dustin Acrylic and Oil Painting Dustin Miller believes he can use the talent God gave him to create the beauty of nature, animals, objects, and people in different and unique ways using a variety of media that allow him to express his admiration for the world and everything in it.  Miller hopes to be an inspiration to his students as well as inspiring others to become interested in art.
Parrill, Sandra Acrylic Painting and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Art has been Sandra Parrill’s passion since she was old enough to hold a crayon.  Parrill has never met an art form she didn’t like, or try at least once, from acrylics and pen and pencil to personal adornment, wood carving, lapidary, and wire wrapping.  However, drawing and painting have always been her firs love.  She seeks to draw out the souls of her subjects, revealing hidden secrets and dreams thought the pens and brushes she holds.
Reed, Debbie Painting and Ceramics Steve Doerr is a full time, self-taught wood turner.  He has always loved discovering the beautiful grain and colors that God has hidden underneath the bark of a tree.
Reed, Richard Ceramics Richard Reed has practiced dentistry for over 40 years and has recently turned to pottery as a creative outlet.  His precision in dentistry has been transferred to porcelain works that reflect graceful forms and elegant glazes.
Skinner, Brent Ceramics Brent Skinner has been a constant in the clay community for decades.  He currently owns Skinner’s Pottery and takes great joy in teaching wheel thrown and hand built pottery to students.  His current body of work consists of functional pieces as well as large art pieces.