Just a reminder for all of our talented members regarding our annual, highly anticipated,member show at artCentral in February.  We chose Verdant , which, literally translated , means (of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation, as a tribute and acknowledgement to ArtCentrals penchant for the color. We are in the middle of winter and although it certainly has not felt as such, we thought a nod to the color of ArtCentral and spring would be a nice reminder that green WILL return. Remember that our theme is merely a suggestion and not a prerequisite for participation but we would love to see the Hallowed Halls of artCentral awash in the color! Think about, our theme  as a  way to inspire you, not as a limitation. And there will be an award for best adherence to theme, so there is that as well!   A drop-off date for submissions is set for  Sunday, January 23rd, from 1pm – 3pm at artCentral in Carthage.  Opening Reception will be held on the evening of Friday, February 4th from 6pm- 8pm. We are excited to see your creations!    Thank you and the happiest of Holidays to all of you! 
 JRAC President,
Andrew Batcheller