Joplin Regional Artists Coalition

Board Meeting

December 14, 2021

Attendees: Nancy Erwin, Sandra Parrill, Andrew Batcheller, Chadan Tomlin, Angel Brame, Al Gritten, Emily Rose

The meeting of the JRAC board was called to order at 6:00pm by President Andrew Batcheller.

Agenda Approval: A motion was made by Emily Rose to approve the agenda and seconded by Sandra Parrill. The motion was unanimously approved.

Minutes Approval: Minutes approved via email prior to meeting and disbursed to members.

Chadan Tomlin presented a Treasurer’s report that showed a beginning balance of $8,644.94. Ending balance after membership dues and disbursements result in a balance of $8,789.43 in the bank account. Treasurer’s Report Approval: A motion was made by Al Gritten to accept the report and was seconded by Emily Rose. The motion was unanimously approved.

Membership update: Current membership stands at 107.

Daria reported remotely that there would be no fees involved in moving the JRAC checking account to SMB, nor would there be recurring fees in maintaining/using that account. A motion was made by Emily Rose to move from Pinnacle to SMB for banking and seconded by Chadan Tomlin. The motion was unanimously approved.

The show at Spiva Center for the Arts had a great turnout. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place, Jade Henning
  • 2nd Place, Connie Miller
  • 3rd Place, Angel Brame
  • Honorable Mentions, Amber Mintert, Linda Kyger, and Linda Passeri
  • Best Theme Adherence, Melody Knowles

Pick up for the show is Saturday, December 18th from 4-6pm. If anyone cannot pick up their piece, other arrangements need to be made. No storage for remaining pieces is available.

A JRAC show at the Kansas City Artist Coalition is still in application status. Any member wishing to participate needs to send a quality image of one piece that best represents their style/body of work. The subject of the image does not have to be available for display if JRAC is approved for a show. Once we are approved for exhibition, more specific details will be given as to when, where, size limitations, hanging requirements, title of exhibit, etc.

JRAC has been contacted for a potential showing at the Post Art Library in 2022. Andrew will contact Jill Sullivan for more details regarding time frame, size and weight limitations, availability of pedestals, etc. Late spring/early summer would be the best time for JRAC.

In adding the two potential Post Art Library and KCAC shows, the concern is having too much scheduled for 2022. Is it possible to put other regular exhibits on hiatus in order to not overwhelm members? One potential exhibit to put on hold is MapleUncommon in Columbus, KS. JRAC will continue to communicate with Laura Lowry-Greene on hosting the annual exhibit.

Best of Missouri Hands group has requested that JRAC spread the word of their organization and its benefits of membership. Similar to JRAC, BOMH offers news, workshops, annual meetings, promotional web page for artists, etc. There are two types of membership, generic and juried. The significant difference between the two is only juried members are granted a web presence on the BOMH site. Being a member of a state-wide organization could be very beneficial to local members in announcements of opportunities outside of the four state area. A motion was made by Andrew Batcheller and seconded by Al Gritten to make an announcement to membership of the BOMH membership drive. The motion was passed unanimously. Angel Brame will draft an email to go out to all members.

The annual members’ meeting is schedule for January 11th at 6pm with an alternative date of January 18th at 6pm for any weather issues. Any member wishing to volunteer for a board position needs to email as soon as possible to be considered for any open positions. Andrew Batcheller will confirm location/date/time with Sue Adams at Spiva. Al Gritten will put together the PowerPoint presentation for the meeting. Angel Brame suggested a door prize of gift cards (4 at $25 each) for Micheal’s to encourage participation. Board members will provide snacks and beverages. Board members will report to Spiva at 5:30 to finalize any details for the meeting.

Items for discussion:

  • Introduction: Andrew Batcheller
  • 2021 Activities: Andrew Batcheller and Emily Rose
  • Coffee Talk/Pizza Think Tank: Al Gritten and Nancy Erwin
  • Professional Development and Workshops: Sandra Parrill, Chadan Tomlin, and Andrew Batcheller
  • Studio Tour: Daria Claiborne
  • Budget: Chadan Tomlin
  • Election
  • Planned Activities for 2022: Andrew Batcheller and Emily Rose
  • Minutes will be taken by Angel Brame


The next exhibit will be at ArtCentral in Carthage with a title/theme of “Verdant.” The judge will be Michele Norman Knight. While a theme has been assigned, it is not a strict requirement. Any pieces not conforming to the theme will not be turned away. It is meant as a suggestion, challenge, or starting point.

The meeting was declared adjourned at 7:03pm by Andrew Batcheller. The next meeting of the JRAC Board will be at Spiva on January 11th at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angel Brame, Secretary