Minutes Approval: Minutes approved via email prior to meeting and disbursed to members.

Brenda Hayes presented a Treasurer’s report that showed a beginning balance of $8,341.04. Ending balance after membership dues and disbursements result in a balance of $8,647.89 in the bank account. Treasurer’s Report Approval: A motion was made by Emily Rose to accept the report and was seconded by Angel Brame. The motion was unanimously approved.

Membership update: Current membership stands at 111.

The show at artCentral had a great turnout. The show features 76 pieces from our talented members. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place, Emily Rose

  • 2nd Place, Sandra Parrill

  • 3rd Place, Margie Moss

  • Honorable Mentions, Brooks Elizabeth Billings, Kristen Girard, and Dianne Miller

  • Best Theme Adherence, Misty White

Pick up for the show is Sunday, March 13th from 1-3pm at artCentral. If anyone cannot pick up their piece, other arrangements need to be made. No storage for remaining pieces is available.

Brenda Hayes brought up the idea of having the JRAC logo put on vehicle stickers as a way to welcome new members, have visible marketing, and have available at events. Options were presented. The choice was made to purchase 200 stickers for $148. The stickers will be 5” x 3” to accommodate our logo. A motion was made by Emily Rose to make the purchase. The motion was seconded by Nancy Erwin. The motion was passed unanimously.

The next Pizza and Wine Think Tank is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th from 6-8pm at Spiva Center for the Arts at 3rd and Wall in downtown Joplin. Andrew will pick up pizza from Blackthorn and wine will also be available. Topic of discussion will be gathering ideas for events to fill in the time between now and the next scheduled show in the fall.

The next workshop for members is scheduled for Sunday, March 20th from 1-3pm at Andrew Batcheller’s studio at 2102 S Connor in Joplin. The topic is gold leaf. 10 participant limit. Four members are currently scheduled. Supplies will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring old paint brushes. Free to members. $40 for non members.  Class is now closed.  If you requested a spot, please watch for emails with additional details.

The Plein Air Paint Workshop and Event is being scheduled in cooperation with Spiva. The tentative dates are the weekend of September 9-11. There will be a separate charge for the workshop on Friday and the competition on Saturday and Sunday. More details will follow as plans are solidified.

Joplin Arts Fest applications are now open on zapplication. The event is scheduled for September 16 and 17, 2022. There will be an exciting community project taking place during the event. A motion was made by Angel Brame to have JRAC commit the annual $600 as sponsorship. The motion was seconded by Nancy Erwin. The motion passed unanimously.

Emerging Artist event is being planned for November at Spiva Center for the Arts. Daria Claiborne passed around the application for review. A few changes will be made. Once complete, the application will be distributed to the area teachers and professors. Board members will also help distribute.

Angel Brame will send an email encouraging members to send JRAC details about events, accomplishments, awards, new works, etc so that it may be shared on social media. Our social media expert, Brenda Hayes, is always looking for new content.

Daria Claiborne requested approval to order more ID cards for members. A motion was made by Angel Brame to approve the purchase. The motion was seconded by Emily Rose. The motion passed unanimously.

Daria Claiborne notified the board that PayPal fees have increased to $1.76 per transaction on our website for membership joining and renewals. Emily Rose made a motion to increase the cost of a membership purchase on our website to $37 to cover the PayPal administrative cost. The motion was seconded by Brenda Hayes. The motion passed unanimously.

A suggestion was made to create an automatically generated email that would go out to new and renewing members with a welcome and details on the next steps to anyone utilizing the process on our website. Daria Claiborne will compose the letter and have Koral Martin make the adjustments on our website.

Art Forms in Pittsburg is currently looking for more artists to join the gallery. Brenda Hayes will compose the invitation to apply and Angel Brame will send it out to membership.

The meeting was declared adjourned at 7:03pm by Andrew Batcheller. The next meeting will be on April 12th at 6pm at Andrew’s studio.

Respectfully submitted,

Angel Brame, Secretary