Joplin Regional Artists Coalition

Board Meeting

October 5, 2021

Attendees: Nancy Erwin, Sandra Parrill, Andrew Batcheller, Chadan Tomlin, Angel Brame, Al Gritten, Emily Rose, Daria Claiborne

The meeting of the JRAC board was called to order at 6:04pm by President Andrew Batcheller.

Agenda Approval: A motion was made by Angel Brame to approve the agenda and seconded by Sandra Parrill. The motion was unanimously approved.

Minutes Approval: Minutes approved via email prior to meeting and disbursed to members.

Chadan Tomlin presented a Treasurer’s report that showed a beginning balance of $9,563.01. Ending balance after membership dues and disbursements result in a balance of $10,22.50 in the bank account. Treasurer’s Report Approval: A motion was made by Emily Rose to accept the report and was seconded by Angel Brame. The motion was unanimously approved.

Membership update: Current membership stands at 105.

Coffee Talk will be changed to a Pizza Talk quarterly. JRAC will organize a quarterly meeting in the evening to discuss a planned topic. A local restaurant will be chosen each time so that JRAC can support local businesses. A motion was made by Angel Brame to adopt the change and was seconded by Al Gritten. The motion was unanimously approved. The first event is tentatively scheduled for November 16th, 6-8pm.

Studio Tour plans are well underway. Publicity materials are at the printers and will be ready for disbursement this week. Chadan Tomlin will begin posting on all social media platforms. Sandra Parrill will add the event to one of her columns. Angel Brame will contact Marta Churchwell for a possible mention in her column. Pick up of event materials for participants is Saturday, October 9th, 10am to 2pm at Empire Market via Daria Claiborne. Additional pick up later in the week at Andrew Batcheller’s studio will be announced.

Prize structure currently stands at: 1st place-$200, 2nd place-$150, 3rd place-$75, Best Use of Theme-$50. The board discussed the possibility of increasing the prize money and adding three Honorable Mention awards to each event as a way to give back the artists and encourage more participation. A motion was made by Angel Brame and seconded by Al Gritten to make the following changes: 1st place-$250, 2nd place-$200, 3rd place-$125, Honorable Mention (3 awards)-$50, and Best Use of Theme-$50. The motion was unanimously approved.

Front and Center at Maple UnCommon in Columbus, KS is currently open. The reception is on October 9th from 4-6pm. This reception coincides with the hot air balloon festival. Chadan Tomlin will post an event on social media. Andrew Batcheller will double check details with Laura Lowry-Greene on People’s Choice Award.

The show at Spiva Center for the Arts is the next event for members. The theme is “Vertically Inclined.” The theme is intended to be used as a starting point for ideas, inspiration, challenge, etc. It is not mandatory to adhere to the theme in order to show. Anyone choosing to submit works without the theme will not be turned away. Drop off is at Spiva on November 1st, noon to 5pm. Anyone needing an alternative to that drop off needs to contact a board member for instructions. Andrew Batcheller will coordinate with Shaun Conroy on an opening reception and label details.

Plein Air Paintout is coming up soon. The event will take place at Wildcat Glades with the use of the cottage on site for viewing and awards. The date is October 16 from 1-4pm. Judging will take place from 4-5pm. Participants are responsible for all supplies. Minimum participation is six. Members are free. Non-members are $40 as an incentive to join for $35. RSVP’s due by 10/12. Angel Brame will send out an email to members and former members.

Spiva Pizza Think Tank was a success with quite a bit of participation. One idea discussed was the inclusion of local high schoolers in a mentor/emerging artist program. The idea needs more discussion and any inclusion of anyone under 18 in membership will need to go through the by-law process. A second idea for outreach is to produce a podcast. That discussion has been tabled for a future meeting.

The meeting was declared adjourned at 7:16pm by Andrew Batcheller. The next meeting of the JRAC Board will be at Andrew Batcheller’s studio on Tuesday, November 9th at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angel Brame, Secretary