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Deitra Roberts-Biely | Ozark Impressions Jewelry

A rockhound and nature lover at heart, I’ve always found myself fascinated by the intricate details of nature. I absolutely love exploring the hills, streams, woods, and caves of the Ozark Plateau, where I’ve lived my whole life.

I’m often bringing home various nature-found treasures from these excursions; flowers, leaves, seeds, fungi, sandstone, fossils… anything with a lovely texture that captures my intrigue.

These items are the inspiration and foundation for each of my jewelry pieces. I use them to form one-of-a-kind molds to add natural impressions to each of my unique jewelry pieces. My own fingerprints and maker stamp can be found on the back of many of these pieces, serving as my own one-of-a-kind signature.

My hope is that the wearer feels a bit of the awe and wonder that I myself have found in these Ozark hills.