Greetings All!

      I hope your holidays were bright. It may seem early but the JRAC board would like to get a jumpstart on our next Show. We are announcing our next group show at artCentral in February called “Kaleidoscope” Due to all the obvious reasons, once again and unfortunately, the opening reception will be virtual and brought to you via facebook live. It is not ideal, we realize, but with the help of Alicelynn and her strength in these matters, we will do our utmost to make it pleasing , entertaining and a fine showcase for all of our members and their work. The precise details, i.e, date and time will be forthcoming but what we will need as soon as possible, from all of our participating artists is a low to medium resolution photo of your intended submission. The photo you send should be the best possible representation of your work, as they will be showcased and discussed on our Facebook live presentation. If any of you have difficulty with this process, our kind and helpful webmaster, Koral Martin, has agreed to assist you. So please, do not hesitate to ask.
All photos are to  be sent to (Andrew Batcheller) I will then format and send to artCentral.
 All photos MUST be received by the 20th of January.! This is crucial so that we can construct and present the best possible showing.
We are very excited to see all of the new work from our incredibly talented members and the sooner we receive these photos, the better so please keep this in mind.
Thank you all and we wish you ALL THE  best in this upcoming new year! 
          JRAC Secretary, Andrew Batcheller